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About Us (My Camera & I)

Hey everyone! I'm Cerina, a Metropolitan DC based photographer. I serve clients in DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and anywhere else across the country where someone is interested and I happen to be. So if you're not local to DC check the Booking Calendar link or our blog to see where I'll be and when. I'd love to take your picture! : ) (go to the booking calendar: upcoming travel writting in bold colors.)

Photography is something I've just always been into. A camera is always in my purse and my friends will tell you it’s not unusual for me to pull over the car and make everyone jump out if I see a good photo op: a funny sign, beautiful sunset, picturesque field, or a perfectly beat up and aged fence.

I remember getting my first camera when I was 7 years old. It was a hot pink wide bar camera. I loved that thing. I still have tons of the old pictures I took with it--mostly of our kitten I’d dress up in doll clothes or some puppies my sister and I would watch for the neighbor.

With my love for taking pictures has come the love for looking at them. Photo’s can be so powerful. They can help us to see things differently, understand things differently, move us to do things differently, show us the beauty and detail we often overlook in the faces we see everyday.

I believe everyone matters and more importantly everyone needs to know they do. There’s something about having your picture taken that makes you feel like you matter. A picture can say so many things: “I never want to forget you.” “I love this certain thing about you.” “This time with you is special to me.” In a way photographs act as proof that you exist, you’re here on this earth and you matter to someone...enough for them to take your picture.

This discovery has added so much joy and satisfaction to my decision of pursuing photography. Thanks for allowing me to take your photograph and experience the joy of capturing the worth of souls.

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